First Nations

First Nation and Indigenous participation, in addition to consultation, has become an important aspect in the development of renewable energy in Canada.  This is especially noted for waterpower projects and developments in the north.  The recent increase in First Nation and Indigenous participation as Proponents is an exciting expansion for the industry.

MKE’s experience and sensitivities to indigenous interests with respect to renewable energy projects can help to guide a development process from conception through operations.

Previous experience includes:

  • Detailed design of the only waterpower facility in Ontario to be directly connected to a diesel system for a remote First Nation community – Deer Lake First Nation*.
  • Detailed design and environmental assessment of the only waterpower facility in Ontario to be constructed on a First Nation reserve (construction is pending) – Dore Falls G.S. at Michipicoten First Nation*.
  • Development of the “Waterpower Development – An Outline of Sites and Insights” for First Nations on behalf of the Government of Canada*.
  • MKE’s President, K. McGhee, is an instructor for the Hydrology and Technical Aspects of the Ontario Waterpower Association’s “Waterpower 101 and 201” series of workshops for First Nation representatives.  Note that these workshops are available on request from the Ontario Waterpower Association and have been translated into Cree, Ojibway and Ojii-Cree.

{*in affiliation with IBI Group}

Services Provided Include:

  • Site selection and evaluation
  • Feasibility studies for potential sites
  • Assistance with sourcing financing and/or equity
  • Project Management
  • Assistance with establishing role for First Nation or Indigenous Community in the Development
  • Consultation and Engagement
  • Assistance with sourcing government funds for Indigenous participation
  • Independent Engineering reviews for Indigenous Communities wanting assistance to review technical aspects of the proposed project.
  • Operator Training **

{** in cooperation with our Strategic Partners}