As our country's infrastructure ages, climate change increases the likelihood of extreme events, and greater public mobility brings people to more remote locations, care for the nation's dams and hydraulic structures has become essential.  MKE provides consulting services to existing dam owners to assess and assist with planning for public safety and emergency conditions.  Some of the services provided for existing dam owners:


  • Public Safety Assessments and Public Safety Measures Plans
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response Plans (EPP and ERP)
  • Operations, Maintenance and Surveillance Plans (OMS)
  • Dam Safety Planning
  • Structural Inspections / Condition Surveys
  • Preventative Maintenance Planning
  • Project Management Services for dam restorations
  • Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP)

In addition to the above, MKE can also evaluate any potential the dam may have for incorporating waterpower generation into the existing infrastructure and assess the feasibility.